Sometimes, Laundry Can Wait

**Just so my mom doesn’t see this and fly home early from her vacation to help me do laundry, I want to be clear:  Most of that laundry is clean and waiting to be ironed and put away (in my spare time and when the kids are not in their rooms asleep), and there’s only so much because, in addition to the “normal” mounds of laundry, I’m washing Izzi’s hand-me-downs for Paris and getting ready to change out everyone’s summer clothes for fall.

Last week, my three “big” angels started “school” and my tiniest angel pulled up by herself. The whirlwind of diaper-changing, no-saying, bobo-kissing, grocery-hauling, fight-refereeing, laundry-folding, and bedtime prayer-repeating renews itself each day, and I quite often find myself frantically reaching for my phone to capture and preserve these precious, fleeting moments before they’re gone forever.

As I walked my kids into their classrooms at FUMC’s Little School (whose name is apparently highly offensive to Isabelle and several of her classmates who said, “I NOT go to LITTLE school. I’m big. I go to BIG school!”), I was worried if I’d dressed my angels comfortably enough, if I’d remembered everything they were supposed to bring on their first day, if they’d make friends with their classmates, if I’d make friends with the other moms, if I had something green in my teeth when I was about to meet their teachers… and I had to make myself stop.

Just. Stop.

It’s very easy for me to get caught up in the thousands of mundane, everyday tasks that every mom does without even thinking, and I’ll be honest: The juggling act is sometimes downright overwhelming, especially over the last week or so, when all four of my angels have been sick. But, rather than curling up in a ball, sticking my fingers in my ears, and rocking back and forth to the music of Dinosaur Train, I refuse to get lost in the shuffle.

I don’t want to be so busy filling out the same emergency contact information form three times (because it might violate some non-existent copyright if I filled the form out once and made copies?) that I miss Izzi writing her name for the first time on the back of her “homework.”  I certainly don’t want to be so annoyed that I’ve been on hold with Charter Communications for 27 minutes trying to fix a problem on our internet bill that I miss all four of my angels singing along to Hezekiah Walker’s “Amazing” as we go through the car wash.

Countless beautiful, wonderful moments add up to one beautiful, wonderful life, and I’m reminding myself today not to miss something fantastic because I’m too busy folding that 4,678,532nd load of laundry.

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  1. As a stay at home mom of 3 when you see pics like yours posted all that the guilt does hit like how does she do all that what am I doing wrong that I can t so thanks for posting pics that show that we all have those mountain mounds of laundry and the clutter of 3 kids.

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