GUEST POST: I’m Thankful


BY: Teresa Sones The room was cold. I shivered, remained standing, and hoped the wait would not be long. Empty chairs lined the walls, but beyond the frosted sliding glass window, liquid shadows and muffled voices confirmed business as usual. I found myself wondering—if I were the doctor instead of the patient—how I would phrase … [Read more…]

Hey, Little Mama. You’re Enough.


The picture of what a mother is “supposed” to be: Totally in control of her 2.5 kids, feeding them only locally-sourced, organic foods, always on time, always a size two, always perfectly coifed and always prepared with healthy snacks, a seasonally appropriate change of clothes and an educational activity that doesn’t involve any electronics whatsoever… … [Read more…]

“Up-Slide Down”


I wrote this back in April, but I wanted to be able to share the rest of the story with you before posting it.  My very special guest writer has promised the “To Be Continued” will be ready next week, so stay tuned!     Last year, I had my first experience with swimming lessons. … [Read more…]

My Amazing Race


School has started back, and life has begun to settle into a very busy but comfortable routine around the Creel household after what one could describe as an eventful summer.  I now have two days a week where it’s just the littlest peanut and me, and I find myself looking for ways to occupy that time. … [Read more…]

Life is Short. Eat Dessert First.


I don’t do Starbucks.  I know. That’s almost sacrilegious to some, but I don’t. I don’t drink coffee at all, not in any iteration, and not with any combination of mocha, whip, pumpkin spice or sprinkles. Coffee seems to have magical properties that are ever beyond my grasp because I can’t stand the taste of … [Read more…]