You’ve Got Your Hands Full


Yep.  Sure do.  Most of the time, my hands are quite literally full of something…  Children, backpacks, groceries, lost shoes, dirty clothes, discarded toys, the makings of peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and occasionally my pillow when I collapse in a heap and sleep through the night.  If I had a dollar for all the … [Read more…]

Hello, My Name Is Rowenta.

Shortly after I began working at my first job out of graduate school, my husband, who had just completed his MBA program, called me at work one morning to say he had a job interview that afternoon, but his favorite white dress shirt was wrinkled.  He asked me if I’d come home at lunch to iron … [Read more…]

Don’t Lick the Car

My Hero

Conversations with my four children aged five and under are never dull.  Actually, in my experience, conversations with children of any age are always imaginative and often quite insightful.  Sometimes, however, they include combinations of words that I could have never imagined uttering—or interpreting in any context. For example, this past weekend, we enjoyed some … [Read more…]

GUEST POST: I’m Thankful


BY: Teresa Sones The room was cold. I shivered, remained standing, and hoped the wait would not be long. Empty chairs lined the walls, but beyond the frosted sliding glass window, liquid shadows and muffled voices confirmed business as usual. I found myself wondering—if I were the doctor instead of the patient—how I would phrase … [Read more…]

“Up-Slide Down”


I wrote this back in April, but I wanted to be able to share the rest of the story with you before posting it.  My very special guest writer has promised the “To Be Continued” will be ready next week, so stay tuned!     Last year, I had my first experience with swimming lessons. … [Read more…]