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I am married to Ryan, who picks up where I leave off, tells me I’m beautiful (even on my frizzy-haired-flannel-pajama days), makes me feel safe and is the one of our dynamic duo who works at a job that actually pays money.  I’m a city girl who got married and moved to a small town.  I’m a mother of four, beautiful, wonderful children, who were born in the space of two years and nine months.  The eldest will be six in February 2017.  In my former life (before children), I worked in the local school system doing my best to put my degrees in School Psychology and Biology & Spanish to good use.  I love my God, my family, my church and my country, and if I had the time, I think I’d still enjoy eating at new restaurants, reading just about any kind of book and traveling to places I’ve never been.  I’ll get back to those things later.

For now, life is pretty good just like it is.  I spend my days chasing my kiddos and doing crazy things like going to Target and singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” at the top of my lungs.  Don’t worry.  I rarely do both of those things at the same time.  You’ll find stories about the silly things we do and about the hilarious ways this awesome life with four little kids happens in the “You Did What?” section.

In the “How I Stay Sane” section, I post my thoughts about the sometimes overwhelming things life and motherhood throw at me.  My hope with those posts is to share my “real life” moments and what I read or think about that helps me keep things in perspective.

I enjoy trying new recipes, and advertising totally works on me.  I can’t stand the thought that I might be missing out on my new favorite food or gadget, so I try a lot of things.  Many are not awesome, but the ones that actually taste really good or in some way make my life easier are worth sharing, so I’ll put a blurb about them in the “Too Good Not to Share” section of my site.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, but I hope more that when you read it, you find encouragement and strength when you’re not sure what comes next.  Feel free to have a laugh at my expense reading about some of the things I get myself into if ever you find yourself having “one of those days.”

Please leave me feedback and comments.  We all have bad days, we’re all in this thing called life together, and it helps me immensely to read your take on my adventures and know that I’m not the only one who encounters stumbling blocks on her mission to raise little world-changers.

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