Sometimes, Laundry Can Wait

**Just so my mom doesn’t see this and fly home early from her vacation to help me do laundry, I want to be clear:  Most of that laundry is clean and waiting to be ironed and put away (in my spare time and when the kids are not in their rooms asleep), and there’s only so … [Read more…]

Hugs, Tech Support and a Wall Fish

Yesterday was wild.  As usual, my kids woke up raring to go.  When I wake up in the mornings, I’m stumbling around, bleary-eyed, headed almost immediately in search of caffeine so that I can be nice to my children when they gleefully bound down the stairs in search of hugs and breakfast.  They wake up making … [Read more…]

We Were on a Break!

Last weekend, Ryan and I were on a break. Not a Ross-and-Rachel kind of break.  An “it’s just you and me and 48 hours of time to do whatever we want to do” break.  We farmed out our fabulous four to our fabulous families and headed down to New Orleans for some much-anticipated and seriously-needed time to … [Read more…]

Preferred Parking & Press Conferences

Today, as I walked into a doctor’s office for the 6th time in the last 7 days, I decided our name should be memorialized on the huge “Our Most Benevolent Partners” wall that is the focal point of the entry of our local hospital. I’m pretty sure we have “donated” enough to earn an at … [Read more…]