Swap ‘Til You Drop


Refresh your fall wardrobe without spending a dime! Come meet new people, eat good food, and trade like-new items from your closet for treasures from someone else’s! Here’s how it works: *Clean out your closets! Bring those neglected (but still in great condition) clothes and accessories to the swap. Anything you’d want to shop for … [Read more…]

Mission: Impossible

Over the past few weeks, I have been on a mission.  This mission has taken me places I never thought I’d go, and it has had me asking questions I never thought I’d ask.  I’ve had to be braver than I ever imagined, I’ve needed skills I never thought I’d have to hone, and I’ve … [Read more…]

I Not Be Nice: Time-Out and the Five Stages of Grief


The baby of our family may be the youngest, but she will tell you in no uncertain terms that she is NOT a baby!  She is animated, creative, determined, energetic, directive, intelligent, imaginative, persistent, mischievous, curious, fiercely independent, and downright hilarious most of the time.  She doesn’t know what all those words mean yet, but when she describes herself, she … [Read more…]

Don’t Lick the Car

My Hero

Conversations with my four children aged five and under are never dull.  Actually, in my experience, conversations with children of any age are always imaginative and often quite insightful.  Sometimes, however, they include combinations of words that I could have never imagined uttering—or interpreting in any context. For example, this past weekend, we enjoyed some … [Read more…]

GUEST POST: I’m Thankful


BY: Teresa Sones The room was cold. I shivered, remained standing, and hoped the wait would not be long. Empty chairs lined the walls, but beyond the frosted sliding glass window, liquid shadows and muffled voices confirmed business as usual. I found myself wondering—if I were the doctor instead of the patient—how I would phrase … [Read more…]